Free School Meals

Wirral LA Free School Meals Information

Attached is the most up to date free school meals paper application form from Wirral LA – please ensure you use this form for claiming if using the 'paper form' as this is updated criteria from 01.04.2018.

Applications can also be made online at or by calling 0151 606 2002

Points for Parents/Carers

Parents/Carers should claim for free school meals IF they meet the eligibility criteria EVEN if their child would receive a free school meal anyway under Universal Infants.

  1. Parents who have never claimed with us before or who have not claimed for a younger child will need to provide the child’s birth certificate and evidence of child benefits AT THE SAME TIME AS THE APPLICATION or we cannot process the application. This is to meet audit requirements.
  2. Parents who are in receipt of working tax credits will NOT be entitled to free school meals and therefore should not apply unless they have an end date for these which they should advise us of at the time of the application.
  3. Parents claiming Universal Credit and other new claims for benefits cannot be assessed for free school meals until they have received their first full payment and free school meals awards cannot be backdated and will only run from the date we can confirm eligibility to receive free school meals.
  4. Parents that disagree with a NOT ENTITLED decision are now required to provide evidence to show why this decision is incorrect- we can no longer undertake manual checks with HMRC.
  5. Parents need to complete the application form in full- incomplete forms and forms that do not include children’s details/schools etc and are not signed will not be processed.