Music Lesson Information

Peripatetic Music Lessons

Your child’s name and the name of the instrument they have requested tuition for has been given to Musical Routes. In September, the teachers will put the children into groups and draw up their timetables. As soon as we know groups and times, you will be informed by letter, along with a request for the first term’s payment. Lessons should begin either in the second or third week back at school.


  • Prices will differ according to the number of children taught in a group:


-a group lesson of at least 3 students for 20 minutes         £60 per term

-a small group lesson of 2 for 20 minutes                            £75 per term

-an individual lesson for 20 minutes                                    £128 per term


This is to ensure that the whole cost of the lessons are covered. You should let Mr. Biggins (Peripatetic music lessons administrator from September 2014) know if you wish your child to have a paired or individual lesson. Otherwise, we will presume you require group lessons. In the event that your child has no option but to be in an individual or paired lesson due to numbers, we will let you know.


Payments should usually be made two weeks before the beginning of the next term. A reminder letter will be sent out to you. However, the Autumn Term’s payment should be made within the first two weeks of September. You will receive a letter.


You can pay by cheque or in cash. Cheques should be made payable to St. Bridget’s C.E. Primary School.


  • A minimum of 30 weeks tuition will be provided. This works out as 10 per term; therefore there will be some non-teaching weeks within a half term. The teachers will let your child know when these are. If a teacher cannot take the lesson for any reason, they will catch up by teaching in one of the non-teaching weeks so your child will not miss any lessons. Please note: if your child misses the lesson through no fault of the teacher, money cannot be reimbursed.
  • The hiring of instruments is available and arranged either between the parent and Musical Routes (telephone 0151 3466699), or the peripatetic teacher can arrange it.
  • Children receiving Free School Meals and Looked after Children will receive reduced rate tuition.

Children who receive lessons from a Musical Routes teacher (used to be Wirral Schools Music Service) will also be entitled to:

  • attend a music centre or an ensemble free of charge (Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 12pm at Wallasey School and Wirral Grammar Girls School)
  • be involved in special events such as Play Days
  • purchase an instrument tax free and pay for it interest free over twelve months
  • take Musical Routes instrumental performance tests free for the early grades

See Musical Routes website for more details -