Reading Information

Reading Scheme


All children at St. Bridget’s will have the opportunity to access our reading scheme when it is right for them.


On entry to F2, the children begin their reading journey by starting to sound out and blend letter sounds to make words. When the staff believe the children can read and blend confidently, they will receive a school reading book appropriately levelled to their ability.


In KS1, the children continue to journey through the range books available in the scheme. Once again, the children are assessed regularly to ensure that the books are appropriately levelled for their progress. 


The reading scheme consists of a range of genres from the following providers:

  • The Bug Club (specifically linked to our Read Write Inc. phonics scheme.)
  • Oxford Reading Tree.
  • Story World.


At times, some children may move onto free readers towards the Summer Term. This is dependent on the children’s progress. However, they will return to the scheme at the start of the new academic year.


KS2 is similar to KS1 in regards to continuing on the reading scheme journey and the use of regular assessment and review. The KS2 reading scheme is provided by Oxford University Press and consists of a range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and graphic novels.


When it is deemed appropriate, children will transition more permanently to a free reader. This is when the children’s word reading and comprehension shows a higher depth of understanding of the various genres at age-related expectations.


Read Write Inc. Phonics


As a school we have adopted the Read Write Inc. scheme, which is a synthetic phonics programme. Within this scheme the children begin to learn each letter sound through the use of a catchy rhyme and corresponding letter formation. i.e. ‘m’ which is taught through the rhyme ‘Maisie, mountain, mountain’. This teaches the children the accurate formation of the letter sound and pronunciation.


The scheme is introduced in F2 and continues throughout Year 1 and Year 2. On completion of the programme at the end of set 3, the majority of children progress to the Read Write Inc. spelling programme.


This approach is continued and developed in KS2, but now with a heightened focus on spelling.


Reading beyond the classroom


All children are encouraged to read often. A child who reads only 20 minutes per day reads almost two million words per year! 70-80% of a child’s vocabulary comes from reading. It is because of these reasons why reading is a priority for all children at St Bridget’s.   


In our school, children have on opportunity to visit our school library, and each class has their own age-appropriate library. Children are welcome to use these books in addition to their reading scheme to enhance their reading for pleasure.


In addition to individual reading, each class enjoys their own class reader. Here the children can enjoy a story chosen by them, read to them by an adult. This allows children to be fully immersed in the world of the book and experience vocabulary and figurative language that they may not experience when reading independently.


Reading is rewarded across all key stages, however, in KS2 a reading challenge has been implemented. Here a challenge has been set for each year group to read a certain number of times per week to an adult. It is encouraged, even in busy home schedules, to read to an adult in order to fully comprehend the text. This is achieved through short discussions and the use of questioning.