School Houses

School Houses

There are five school teams: Marine, Ashton, Beacon, Shore and Hilbre; all wonderful names reminding us of our local heritage and geography!

The teams all have a colour representing them and captains and vice captains too.

Marine Captains               Miriam Darby, Rocco Robinson

Marine Vice Captains      Emily Royden, Daniel Pike

Hilbre Captains                Isla Barnes, Zach Bonner

Hilbre Vice Captains        Mollie Treasurer, Vadim Bosc

Shore Captains               Emma Hughes, Zac Jackson

Shore Vice Captains      Sonny Hughes, Susannah Kennedy

Ashton Captains            Nia Kinsella, James Spotswood

Ashton Vice Captains     Advait Bavikatte, Charlotte Green

Beacon Captains            Megan Neale, George Creasy 

Beacon Vice Captains     Rithika Ravi, Zach Lark