Foundation 2

Foundation 2 Curriculum


Our first topic this term will be ‘Super me and Super you’. During this topic, the children will be discussing families and getting to know each other. They will talk about their hobbies, favourite food, pets and a range of other things about themselves. The role play area will be set up as a home and children’s play will reinforce familiar routines at home and interaction with others. We will also set up a role play ‘school’ for the children to explore and develop what we have been learning in class. There will be a big focus on communication and language – specifically speaking and listening.


We will also focus on trying to make the children as independent as possible: undressing, putting on P.E. kit, shoes, coats etc. We encourage children to ask for help when they need it.


Most importantly, we ensure the children know their school routine, are making friends and are generally happy and settled in school.


Every week we will cover specific objectives and areas of learning for maths, literacy, phonics, science, RE etc. Miss Cotterell and Miss Daltrey will keep you updated weekly via the VLE with specific details of what we have been focusing on in our classroom so that you know what you can work on with your child at home.