Clubs and Activities Overview

At St. Bridget's we encourage all the children to be as active as possible.  We run a number of clubs and different activities throughout the year.  Some of these activities are before school and others are held during the day or after school.  Below is a list of some of the clubs and activities that children have enjoyed at school.
Netball - Local competitions
Football - Both girls and boys competition at local level
Tag rugby - local competitions
Cross Country - local races entered with a large team of up to 30 runners
Dodge ball - local competitions
Chess - local regional level competitions entered - Chess is taught to all year 3 children
Athletics -local regional level competitions entered
Gymnastics - local and regional level entered
Residential trips in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6
Maypole - our maypole dancers perform locally and sometimes further afield
Gardening in each class using the growing beds we have established on the school field
Choir for Year 3-6 -the children sing (up to 60/70 children) at local events in the community


Current Clubs for Academic Year 2022/23

Before and after school clubs are run by Edsential and other external providers.


Due to clubs not being able to take place over the last 20 months, the uptake for clubs are very high,
especially in KS1. When allocating spaces, we are trying to be as fair as we can be with the limited
spaces that are offered to try and give everybody the opportunity to take part in a club.
Edsential recommend 16 children for KS1 and 20 children for KS2.
Fencing (outside provider) will take 24 children KS1 and 28 children KS2
Judo (outside provider) will take 32 children
Autumn 1
Ball skills Year 1- 18 children
Gymnastics Year 2- 16 children
Football skills- 20 children
Autumn 2
Multi Skills Year 3- 22 children
Ball skills Year 4-22 children
Dodgeball Y5 -  23 children
Judo KS1 - 32 children (outside agency)
Cross Country - Key Stage 2
Spring 1
Gymnastics EYFS- 16 children
Year 1- 16 children
Ball skills inc Dodgeball Year 6- 20 children
Fencing KS1 & KS2 (2 separate clubs)