Parents Evening Digital Sign Up

19th June 2013

Below are several links, choose the class that your child is in and you will be taken to the Sign Up page for that class's Parents Evening.

Choose your desired time slot and click submit at the bottom.

The next page needs you to enter your child's name. Under this simply pop in your name and email address and then you're signed up for that slot!

There are screen shots of the pages you will see below.

Remember if your child has siblings in the school to have a look at the available slots for the classes.  Choosing appointments close together should limit waiting periods and multiple trips back to school should not be needed. (Foundation 2 Parents Evenings will be dealt with separately).


Year 1 

Class 1 - click here

Class 2 - click here


Year 2

Class 3 - click here

Class 4 - click here


Year 3

Class 5 - click here

Class 6 - click here


Year 4

Class 7 - click here

Class 8 - click here


Year 5

Class 9 - click here

Class 10 - click here


Year 6

Class 11 - click here

Class 12 - click here