Parking around school – we need to do better!

14th March 2019

We are large school which provide education for many children and we know the roads are very busy in peak times.  Many parents understand this and park sensibly around the area using the local car parks or off street parking that are only a two or three-minute walk from school.  A large number of our children walk to school which is both healthy and sociable. 


Unfortunately, on a daily basis I am contacted by parents and local homeowners about the poor parking and the traffic situation around St. Bridget’s.  Complaints include pictures of parent’s cars parked on double yellow lines, videos of cars going through crossings with children waiting and conversations with neighbours who have been upset by thoughtless parking.


Next week, (week beginning the 18th March) some of the older children, staff and governors will be standing near the trouble spots helping to remind parents about the importance of parking safely and legally.  Please help us by supporting this initiative. The message will be clear:


1.    Park legally or park further away or in a local car park.

2.    Walk to school if possible.

3.    Give yourself more time to travel to school if you are going to park and walk.