Take Over/Futures Day

On Friday the 10th of June we had takeover and futures day! On that day children had to do some of the teachers jobs eg. take lessons, lead assembly and put up dojo points. They also had to come in dressed as what they would like to be when they are older. Some children were asked about their day:


Harry Year 6

I enjoyed takeover day. I especially liked that children were allowed to give out the merit badges and certificates in assembly ( my friend got to do it )! I have come to school as an archaeologist and a palaeontologist my friend Seb came as a footballer and my other friend Kitty came as an actress. My favourite part of the day was English because we had to do presentations on who we want to be when we are older. I would love to do it again!


Reuben Year 3

I really enjoyed today. I have come to school as a mechanic! My friend Patrick has come to school as an engineer and my friend Annabelle has come as the Queen! Also, I loved assembly because it was cool how children got to give out the certificates. I had a great day!