RRSA Article January

10th January 2013

RRSA stands for Rights Respective Schools Award, it is an initiative created by UNICEF.  "The RRSA seeks to put a children’s rights approach at the heart of a school’s culture and ethos to help all children realise their potential." (TES 2012)

The CRC or Convention for the Right of the Child is host to a number of articles. Each month we will focus on a different article, January is the turn of Article 38 which refers to War and Armed Conflicts. This includes the ideas that governments should not allow children under 15 to join the army.  Also that children in war zones should receive special protection.

By focusing on an article each month we should try to keep in our hearts and minds the lessons that we can learn form each article and especially about how lucky we are to enjoy the freedoms the articles express.