RRSA Update 16.4.2013

16th April 2013

Update...what have we achieved so far.

Autumn Term...

Our first whole school RRSA day proved a big success – everybody really enjoyed the day and learned a lot about UNICEF and children’s rights.  We learned the Rights Respecting song and every pupil designed a poster illustrating their class’s chosen right.  Some of these posters were then displayed in a special exhibition in the Church Centre.  These posters are now on display in the Entrance Hall.  Each class also devised their own Class Charter in order to remind them of our Rights and Responsibilities in school.

Huge thanks to our Film Crew, who have made a fantastic start at documenting our journey to the RRSA.

In October, Year 3 led our Harvest Festival – this was all based on Rights Respecting Schools focussing on Article 24.

Our “Celebrate & Share” assembly on the 6th November gave every class an opportunity to show all the work they’d done so far...this was really lovely to see – everybody has really embraced Rights Respecting Schools!   We had a very special guest for this assembly – Martin Russell from UNICEF.  He came to see how we were getting on with our RRSA journey.  He was VERY pleased with our progress and awarded our school a special certificate – the RoC or Record of Commitment!

From November we decided to focus on one article every month.  Our article for December was Article 27 because it fitted so well with the Christmas Story.  We collected money for the charity “Shelter”.


Spring Term...

We had our second RRSA Day on 23rd January, once again the day went really well - showing everybody’s continuing enthusiasm and energy for this project.  Each year group had a particular article to focus on but the children also needed to consider our Article of the Month for January, this was Article 38 (war and armed conflicts) Governments should not allow children under 15 to join the army.  Children in war zones should receive special protection.

Once again the Film Crew had a very busy day, recording all the great work that was going on.

We had two thought-provoking and entertaining church services this term:


Ash Wednesday service led by Year 5 and linking to the February Article of the Month - Article 24: (health & health services) Children have the right to good quality healthcare and to clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that they will stay healthy.  Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

The Easter service led by Year 2, relating to the April Article of the Month - Article 2: (without discrimination) The convention applies to everyone whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say and whatever type of family they come from.  Both these services enabled substantial donations to be given to charity through a collection at the end of the services but they also brought alive the Christian messages and the articles in a child-friendly way.

The Article of the Month for March was Article 5 (parental guidance) Governments should respect the rights and responsibilities of families to direct and guide their children so that, as they grow, they learn to use their rights properly, linking to Mothers’ Day.  Mrs McCarthy took the choir to St. Bridget’s church and performed during the Mothering Sunday service, the children explained the article to the congregation.

Our “Share & Celebrate” assembly on Tuesday 5th March gave the children the opportunity to show everyone all the work that they had been doing.  There was so much to show that the assembly lasted about an hour!!  Once again, it was very apparent that the children and adults at St. Bridget’s are completely committed to this project!


The term ahead...

Our third and final Steering Committee Meeting will take place on Monday 15th April.  The meeting will take the usual format but we will be joined by a very special guest – the Mayor!  We hope that he can help us to promote RRSA further into our local community.

RRSA Day 3 will take place on Wednesday 17th April and is entitled “Day for Change” focussing on Food and Friendship with all the children considering the Article of the Month for April, Article 2 (without discrimination)

The convention applies to everyone whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say and whatever type of family they come from.  The children have been asked to come into school wearing non-uniform but these must be the colours of their chosen international flag.

MP Esther McVey will be visiting our school on Friday 19th April, I’m sure she will enjoy learning about our RRSA journey so far and I know that some of the children will have questions for her.

We will continue our valuable fundraising work this term, one of the biggest events being Mr Lloyd’s sponsored Bike Ride for which he has decided to donate to UNCEF...what a hero!!

Nearing the end of term Mrs McCarthy and myself will complete the Pupil Focus Interviews.  At the beginning of the year we interviewed a random selection of pupils in order to assess their knowledge of children’s rights and how our school supports these rights.  In June we will carry out these interviews again so we can evaluate how much our children have learned and how St. Bridget’s has improved in supporting children’s rights.

Please watch this space for further details of RRSA.  If you have any questions or would like to lend your support regarding this essential project then please contact myself, Miss Smith, through the VLE.
Miss Nadine Smith