RRSA Update

24th January 2014


Here are some children's accounts of what they have recently been learning about...


"On Monday 20th January - 24th January it's Multicultural Week"! We are focussing on Syria and the Middle East. By the end of the week we will know almost everything about the Middle East!  We will also be thinking about the conflict and wars, another thing we will learn about is: Are children's rights being met?

Year four have had some Middle East English homework, we are enjoying it! I love the Middle East as my family goes there alot.  The whole school are doing a few art projects to do with the Middle East."

                                                   - Mariya T


"I am so glad we are an RRSA school. I really am looking forward to some more of Mrs McCarthy's amazing assemblies. I think we all love the special days that we use to just focus on  UNICEF and the children who are less fortunate than us.  Being a RRSA school has really made me realise how lucky we are.  I also think that RRSA is really fun  and I have picked up that everybody else at least like it, if not loves it!  I think UNICEF will be very grateful for all we are doing. Keep going everybody!

Articles of the Month - Every month we have an article of the month.  This month we are focusing on Article 14 which ssays Freedom of thought, conscience nad religion.  It also links to our Multi-cultural week

Class Charters - In each class there is a Class Charter. A Class Charter is a set of rights that the class have devised, then sign to show that they have agreed to them."

                                                   - Grace O


"We all know that black and white people can do everythingtogether. All the school learnt about MLK in September. We all learnt what amazing thing he did and how he fought for people's rights.  We alos had homework about Martin Luther King.  When Nelson Mandela died we learnt all about him and had a day to see what fantastic things he did to help others."

                                                      - Poppy B


"On Monday 27th January the assessers are coming to see if we have achieved Level 1 for Rights Respecting School Award. There are only 2 levels! It would be a great honour to get Level 1 don't you think? If they come up to you, do NOT worry just tell them what you think about children's rights!"

                                                   - Rebecca D


"Some girls in Year 4 have made a UNICEF Club their names are: Poppy B, Emily F, Misha K, Rebecca D. At the moment we are doing the bucket game. At the momment we have reaised £18.57.  It was amazing!  Grace O and Rebecca D did a cake sale on Grace's Garden wall, they raised £30.37. It was awesome! Poppy and Misha made some Christmas cards, they raised £18.57. Katie M and family did a run around the Marine Lake in their onesies. They raised £100.00 and they sent it to UNICEF and they received a thank you letter."

                                                     - Emily F


Many other individual children and small groups have raised money. Watch this space for details or come and have a look at the display in our Entrance Hall.