Foundation 2 Curriculum Overview (Spring Term) 


We are going to be very busy this half term looking at our whole school focus on gender equality and STEM.


Our first theme will be People who help us and through this we will discuss gender equality. For example, who can be a vet, a nurse, a farmer, fire officer etc? We will have discussions about children’s thoughts but then make sure that children understand that it does not matter what our gender is, if we want to be something and set our minds to it then we can achieve whatever we want to achieve. We will also look at two very famous women Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale and discuss why these two women are still remembered today.


During this theme we will have lots of opportunities to role play both in the classroom and outside, we will have a fire station, vets, doctors and post office. We will be having many discussions about job roles and how their job roles help us and why they are so important. We will have three focussed texts which we will read regularly to the children and lots of activities and challenged will be planned based on these books.


  •        A real superhero like you – Dr Ranj
  •        Real superheroes, a celebration of key workers – Julia Seal
  •        When I grow up – Jon Hales


Our second theme will be Fairy tales and we will cover many activities and challenges that will excite the children in all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. For example, will have our very own ‘castle’ in the school role play for the children to explore, use their imagination and investigate. Our investigation station will be set up as a potions lab for the children to use their Witch or Wizardry skills write recipes, mix potions and tell stories. In the outdoor classroom children will be using our ‘large scale construction’ to build things linked to this topic. This topic will also allow us to plan through the children’s interests and we will cover many areas of learning such as literacy learning about traditional tales and thinking to story openers, characters and storylines or history links by looking at castles, kings and queens. We will also teach children about social justice during this theme, for example, was Cinderella treated fairly? Did Jack have the right to steal from the giant? Did Goldilocks behave appropriately?


Again there will be a big focus on communication and language – specifically developing storytelling and narrative.


A main priority is still to ensure the children continue to be happy and settled in school and show our school values on a daily basis. We constantly revisit and review our school values and how they link to expectations and behaviour in school.


There will be links Chinese New Year and a range of activities will be set up to teach children about why some people celebrate this special occasion.


We cover so much week in week out that it is very difficult to mention every area or objective for all of our areas learning. Therefore, Miss Cotterell and Mrs Ashton will keep you updated weekly via TAPESTRY with specific details of what we have been focusing on in our classroom for maths, literacy, phonics, understanding the world, expressive arts and design or RE etc so that you know what you can work on with your child at home.