Toy Service 2013

3rd December 2013

Toy Sevice 2013

It is fantastic to know that we are now in our second year of being a Rights Respecting School. At St. Bridget's, we care for one another and try to ensure that all our children's rights are met, enabling us to be happy as possible in our lives.

However, we also care for children we don't know...who we have never met....who are not having their rights met.  That is why we are here today at St. Bridget's toy Service.

Article Number 31 of the UN's Convention for the right of the child states that every child  has the right to relax and play. We are all exited and looking forawrd to the toys and games we can play with and a whole range of gifts we expect to receive on Christmas mornning.

Unfortunately. there will be far too many children this Christmas who won't be receiveng anything...who aren't looking forward to Christmas.

The good news is that the toys we have donated today will be helping some children in the Birkenhead area have a happier Christmas - thanks to the Charles Thompson's Mission.

The Mission was set up over a hundred years ago during the Victorian era, in 1892, by Charles Thompson, who wanted to help the poor children in the Birkenhead area.

Kind people from all over the Wirral, including different shops, businesses and individuals contributed to the work either by monetary gifts or by donating food, clothes and toys. This would be distributed to the poor and needy.

They were helping those children have their rights met, even before the Convention was written in 1989. We are simply helping to continue their fantastic work.

Christmas is a time of celebration, love and good will to all. Let us celebrate today by singing Christmas carols with proud voices!