Winter Weather

19th January 2013


As you may be aware, snow has been forecast over the next few days.

1. We would like to remind parents that if the playground is icy or snowy, please keep to the cleared paths and ensure your children enter school by the nearest door.

2. If school is open and it is safe to do so, we will take the children out to play providing they have wellies and warm clothing.

3. If the weather deteriorates significantly during any school day, school will still remain open until all pupils are collected. If you need to collect your child earlier due to concerns about travelling, please contact school during the day.

4. If there is heavy snow over the weekend causing the school to close, please check the school’s website, the Local Authority website ( for regularly updated information.  Should the school need to close, notification may also be sent via email and posted on the school website.

Emergency procedures in the event of heavy snow/adverse weather  2012-2013

It is the aim of the school to remain open unless extenuating circumstances prevent us from doing so.

The decision to stay open or to close will be made the day before, but in an attempt to open school the decision may be delayed until 8.00am and based on a thorough assessment of risks. The risks to consider will be:

• the ability of staff and children to get into school safely
• the safety/conditions in the building, and footpaths on the approach to school given the weather
• the likelihood of weather becoming worse during the day
• the ability of staff and children to get home safely

Once this decision is made it can’t be reversed, even if weather conditions improve.

Parents will, where possible, be advised of arrangements by email and website as early as possible.

Safeguarding of pupils and health and safety of staff and pupils remains a priority.