Wirral School Games

2013-14 BRONZE MARK achieved

2014-15 SILVER MARK achieved 

2015-16 GOLD MARK achieved

2016-17 GOLD MARK achieved

2017-18 GOLD MARK achieved




2012 - 13

Inter House Sports Days - 1st Place Shore

KS1/2 - Speed Bounce Challenge

KS1/2 - Skipping Challenge

Maypole Display at St. Bridget's Church Fair

Active Play

Extra Curricular Activities: Judo, Athletics, Tennis, Gymnastics, Multiskills, Street Dance, Zumba, Football


2013 - 14

Maypole Display at Earthfest & Church Fair

KS1/2 - Tae-kwon-do Festival

KS1/2 - Tennis Fun Day

Year 3 Interclass Targetball, Athletics, Rounders

Year 4 Interclass Athletics, Rounders, Quicksticks

Year 5 Interclass Handball, Rounders, Football

Year 6 Interclass Rugby, Handball, Rounders  

Active Play

KS2  Playground Challenge competitions
KS1/2 Healthy Week Fitness Challenges

Extra Curricular Activities: Judo, Fencing, Invasion Games, Dance, Football, Multisports, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, Netball,Maypole

KS2 School Games Day 

KS1 Speedbounce Challenge

Interhouse Sports Days (Y1/2, Y3/4, Y5/6) - !st Place BEACON



Maypole Display at Earthfest and Church Fair

KS2 Playground Challenges (Speedbounce, Top-Score Target, Skipping, Adventure Trail, Shoot the hoop, Basketball dribble course, Keepy Uppy, Tag Rugby Race, Wall Bounce)

Y3 Inter-class - Handball, Football

Y4 Inter-class Boccia, Tag Rugby

Y5 Inter-class Football, High 5 netball, Volleyball(SGD)

Y6 Inter-class Football, High 5 Netball, Orienteering (SGD)

KS1 Fun Tennis Day

Extra- Curricular activities: Fencing, Judo, Taekwondo, Invasion Games, Multiskills, Dance, Athletics, Football, Maypole dancing, Gymnastics, Tennis, VIP(C4L)

Inter-house sports days (Y5/6, Y3/4, Y1/2, F2)

KS2 School Games Days

Active Play

KS1/2 Healthy Week Fitness Challenges




2012 - 13

Attendence at Year 5 & 6 Wirral Cross Country Races

Wirral Sports Hall Athletics Year 5 & 6 - 1st Place

Wirral Quadkids Year 3 & 4 - 1st Place

Wirral Quadkids Year 5 & 6 - 1st Place 

Wirral Infant Agility KS1 - 3rd Place

Wirral Schools Swimming Gala - 2nd Place 

Northwest Acrobatic Gymnastics Schools Competition (U11's Girls pair - 4th Place)

                                                                                       (U11's Group 6 - 4th Place)

Wirral Schools Football Cup Year 6 - Semi-Finalists 

2013 - 14

Year 5 & 6 Cross County Team Birkenhead Park race (Boys 1st, Girls 2nd)

Year 5 & 6 Cross County Team Arrowe Park race (Boys 3rd, Girls 3rd)

Year 5 & 6 Cross Country Team Arrowe Park race (Boys 3rd, Girls 4th)

Year 5 & 6 Cross Country Team Coronation Park Race (Boys 1st, Girls 1st) - Shield Winners


Year 5 & 6 Athletics team Wirral Sports Hall Athletics October 2013. ist Place

1st St Bridget's 638
2nd Poulton Lancelyn 626
3rd St Peter's (Heswall) 568
4th Birkenhead School 544
5th Sacred Heart 458
6th Stanton Rd 444
7th Higher Beb Jnrs 436
8th Gayton 426
9th Bidston Ave 418
10th Christ the King 418
11th New Brghton 358
12th Prenton 312
13th St John Jnrs 312
14th Hough 250
15th St Peters (Noct) 228
16th Sandbrook 228
17th Rock Ferry 184


Wirral Key-Steps Gymnastics  B team - 4th Place, A team - 1st Place

Wirral Quadkids Y5/6 - 1st Place - Qualified for Level 3 event

Wirral Schools Swimming Gala - Heat winners, 6th Overall

Woodchurch Interschool Rounders festival Y4 - Plate winners (6th overall)

Woodchurch Interschool Multiskills festival Y5 - 3rd

Woodchurch Interschool Football tournament Y4 B team - Shield competition - Jt 3rd, A team - Cup Competition 2nd.

Wirral Quicksticks (NSSW) Y5/6 team - 2nd - Qualified for Level 3 event

Wirral Y3/4 Cricket (NSSW) - 2nd

Y6 Football team - Houllihan Cup - Group stages

Y5 Football team - Corgi Cup - 3rd Place



Y5/6 Cross Country (Arrowe Park) Boys Team 1st, Girls Team 6th

Y5/6 Cross-Country (Higher Bebington) Boys Team 1st, Girls Team 7th

Y5/6 Cross Country Deeside Cup - 1st

Y4/5 Football Festival (Woodchurch) 1st place

Wirral School Games Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics 2nd

Wirral Keysteps Gymnastics Y4 (A team 3rd B team- 5th))

Wirral Y5/6 Quicksticks (A&B team - group stages)

 EFC Y4 Football (A team - group stages, B team - semi finalists)

Wirral Schools Swimming Gala (heat stages)

National School Sports Week Y5/6 Volleyball (A - 1/4 final , B -group stage , C - 1/4 final)

Quadkids Athletics  ( A -2nd , B -6th , C - 9th)

Y4 Interschool Football Tournament (Woodchurch) 3rd

Y3 Interschool Football Tournament (Greasby OLP)

Y5 Interschool Sports Day Cup (Athletics)Woodchurch High - 1st



2012 - 13

Deeside Schools Swimming Gala Years 5 & 6 - 3rd Place 

Merseyside Youth Games Quadkids Year 5 & 6 - 1st Place

2013 - 14

Year 5 & 6 Athletic Team Indoor Sportshall Athletics Merseyside County Finals  - 6th

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Team Quadkids Sainsbury's School Games Merseyside Finals - 4th

Y4 Gym Team (A) - Merseyside Key-Step Gymnastic Finals - 1st Place.

2014 - 15

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Team Indoor Sportshall Athletics Merseyside County Finals  - 11th

Y3/4 Gym Team (A) - Merseyside Key-Step Gymnastic Finals - Group stage

Y5/6 Athletics A team - Merseyside Games Quadkids Finals