Year 6 Science Fair

7th March 2013

Recently, Year 6 went to the Discovery Centre at Ridgeway High School. Here they were able to participate in various science workshops that were lead by members of Chester College.

The activities included a workshop about sports science. This included monitoring and measuring pulse rate and the affect exercise has. To produce these results, the children danced following the actions demonstrated on the Nintendo Wii game - Dance 2. Next was about the physics of sport science. They were able to discover key facts about forces, surface area and momentum. Finally - chemistry. They were able to test samples for signs of drug us; just as they would do in the Olympics.

Another workshop included a very practical and detailed demonstration on how ourdigestive system works. Just ask any of the year 6's who were on the trip - i'm sure they have not forgotten those sights! In addition to this they were able to test foods for starch content so as to identify whether it is a carbohydrate or not. Finally, they were introduced to the concept of genetics and inheritance. Here the children chose a 'Mother' and 'Father' play doh creature, then using the materials available they had to create a 'baby' play doh member of the family. They had to consider what colour its skin, ears, eyes and hair it may have taking into consideration the 'parents' features.

Please find below some interesting photos to give you an idea of the eventful morning.