Chess vs Grandparents

16th July 2013

Latest Round...

Round 1. STB   6.    GPs 5
Round 2. STB  5.5   GPs 2.5
Round 3  STB  1      GPs 3
Round 4 .STB  2.5   GPS 2.5
      Total STB 14     GPS  13

The number of games per board varied from 1-4 across the 12 boards
The grandparents boasted some international heavyweight players on the top boards 1. Vasieva 2. Bavekatte, relegating
the STB coach/grandparent Ray Phillips to board 3 and Captain Mike Fairclough to 4...a strong team indeed !

STB fielded most of their U9 and U11 squad for next year and some relative newcomers in Tor Larsen, Zack Bonner, Sonny Hughes and Ellie Bowyer

To counter the "top four" threat STB tactically deployed Advait Bavekatte vs his dad and press-ganged a visiting Mr Le Feuvre into a game vs Leo Iwasaki under overwhelming time
pressure to rescue some points ;)

Then, an "unfortunate" missed result lead to some confusion in the final and decisive game the grandparents offered a draw... thinking to secure an overall draw in the match
only to find STB accepted the draw before this tragic error of judgement could be corrected    }:-}>

So match to STB  !!   and overall now 1 match apiece

Early Round...

Results of the Childrens Chess team vs Grandparents....

Round 1. Stb 6. GPs 5
Round 2. Stb 4.5 GPs 2.5
Round 3  stb  1 GPs 3
Round 4. Stb 2.5 GPS 2.5
Stb total 13 GPS total
NB games per board varied from 1-4 across 12 boards